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Sprucing up Your Windows Can be Cost Effective And Fun

Sprucing up Your Home - An Intimate Task

Every home owner desires and deserves the very best of décor to apply in their homes. It is sometimes an ‘intimate’ sort of relationship as you obviously value your home and want it to look good and have the very best of décor at all times. 

A lot of aspects can be considered in Sprucing up your housers décor, from the wall paint to furniture as well as the design of various aspects of a room like the windows. The windows are a very important aspect of any room since they can speak volumes about the owner of the house as well as the creativity of the one who designed and implemented them. Spicing up your windows can be a fun process if you know how to about it properly so as to avoid any inconveniences that may ruin the wonderful journey. This article will focus mostly on improving the appearance of your windows. Click here for some other great ideas on improving the overall appearance of your home. Read More...

What different type of window blinds are right for me?

Looking good from the outside and the inside

There are many details in the design of your house that are purely aesthetic, like the colour of the walls or the sofa's upholstery. Others are mainly functional, like the heating system or the type of isolation placed inside the walls. The third type, which is the one we will be focusing in, is about those aspects of the design of your house that have both a functional aspect and an aesthetic side as well. Blinders and shutters belong to this last group, so the question about which one is best for you has twice the importance.

Shutters are visible from both the inside and the outside of the house, so they will influence the external look of your property as well as the feel of every room. Also, the kind of shutters you choose will determine how much light will get to the inside of each room, as well as what degree of sound and thermal isolation you might reach in each case. Some blinds will even allow you some privacy, hiding what happens in the inside from the eyes of your neighbours and peasants while at the same time letting some sunlight in.  Read More...


Read some of the comments from our clients

Karla M. Winther
Terra Nova Garden Services

I have finally been able to transform my daughter's bedroom into the princess' bedroom like she wanted, thanks to the amazing rod pocket curtains I got from you. Thanks a lot and anybody reading this should not miss out.

David M. Skov

My dining room looks magnificent in the ruffled curtains I bought from you guys. I just need to go for 3 more pairs of different colours and I will never ask for more. If you have a home then you need to discover this secret.

Sandra M. Krogh
Network Air

What would I have done without these amazing people? After months of trial and error, I am glad that I finally got the curtains that my living room deserves. Thank you so much for transforming my living room!