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What different type of window blinds are right for me?

Looking good from the outside and the inside

There are many details in the design of your house that are purely aesthetic, like the colour of the walls or the sofa's upholstery. Others are mainly functional, like the heating system or the type of isolation placed inside the walls. The third type, which is the one we will be focusing in, is about those aspects of the design of your house that have both a functional aspect and an aesthetic side as well. Blinders and shutters belong to this last group, so the question about which one is best for you has twice the importance.

Shutters are visible from both the inside and the outside of the house, so they will influence the external look of your property as well as the feel of every room. Also, the kind of shutters you choose will determine how much light will get to the inside of each room, as well as what degree of sound and thermal isolation you might reach in each case. Some blinds will even allow you some privacy, hiding what happens in the inside from the eyes of your neighbours and peasants while at the same time letting some sunlight in. 

So in order to find out which is the best design for your window blinds, you have to be aware of your needs. Are they the same for all the house or differ from room to room? For example, you might want privacy in your bedroom or bathroom, but perhaps don't really mind your living room being more open and visible. Factors like the weather affect all parts of the house the same way, but if you live in an area with strong northern winds or direct sunlight from the south, you might want to reinforce isolation in windows and shutters in particular walls.

A matter of design

Some issues, like the colour scheme and the shape, will be already determined by other aspects of your house, like the pallette and the design of the windows themselves. However, there are Blinds Options that only concern what kind of shutter you want to have and how you want it to affect the look and functionality of every space of your house. Fortunately, there are many kinds of blinds available so you can choose the one that is best, but at the same time, since there are so many options, you might feel a bit lost about which is actually the best one for each case.

Some models of shutters are best for rough climate conditions, like plantation shutters, which are not only made out of resistant materials but also their overall design is perfect to resist strong winds and rain, as well as extreme temperatures. Some shutters allow for total closure, like venetian blinds and vertical blinds. Others, like honeycomb blinds, look very dreamy but do not allow complete closure, so they might not be the best option for rough climates.

For mild weather, other aesthetic options might be a good choice. Roman blinds make any window look good and allow you to have some privacy without sinking the room in complete darkness. They are great for warm climates. Also, an extra blockout piece will be great to cover the light, which makes them very popular in extreme northern locations when they have very sunny summers with little to no darkness at bedtime.

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What matters is quality

It goes without saying that any blind you choose will underperform unless they are of good quality. But you must remember that it is not only the quality of the piece itself that matters, but how well it is installed and how properly it is maintained. Great windows could be be poorly placed, resulting in isolation problems and fitting problems among many others.

For this reason, it isn't enough to find a good blind provider or manufacturer. You must find someone capable and skilled so they do the installation and five you maintenance advice. The best option for you is to find a provider that does the whole thing for you. Many manufacturers also offer installation and repair services, and those who have a strong sense of work and a compromise for quality will not only produce good pieces but also make sure they are installed correctly.

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My dining room looks magnificent in the ruffled curtains I bought from you guys. I just need to go for 3 more pairs of different colours and I will never ask for more. If you have a home then you need to discover this secret.

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What would I have done without these amazing people? After months of trial and error, I am glad that I finally got the curtains that my living room deserves. Thank you so much for transforming my living room!