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The beauty of rod pocket curtains

Rod pocket curtains are some of the most traditional curtain options that are available in the market today, yet they still have managed to remain fashionable even after several ages of presence. Rod pocked curtains are usually seen as being traditional and conservative due to the fact that they depend on the formal method of hanging curtains, which is to attack them directly to a rod over which you can get to slide them as you wish. The traditional outlook is not a favorite for a number of people who do not like the idea of a rod passing directly through a curtain. However, even with their link to the past, breakthroughs in design have come up with rod pocket curtains that give home owners a number of options available for the curtains, including slight alterations in the manner in which they are hanged.

Variety of options available

The most common options for the rod pocket curtains today is the use of hanging rings to suspend them on to the rod. Hanging rings are not only used for the purposes of suspending the curtains on the rod, but they also add a bit of beauty and glamour to the curtain and by extension the window as well. We have these in stock at very affordable prices and the fact that the curtains have clips for suspension on the rings should tell you that they will definitely add to the original length of the curtain and therefore you should bear that in mind while taking the measurements for your curtain. If you are more into the traditional look with a bit of a contemporary touch, then you ought to go for those curtains that have been ruffled at the top where the rod slides through the curtain. This brings out a flowery yet stylish and appealing look which though traditional is still very much admirable in a room setting. The beauty of these curtains can be enhanced by going for the right length, which will not really touch the ground but leave some few inches from the ground in order to bring out that contemporary appeal. We have a variety of rod pocket curtains in our collection; all in different textures and made of a number of fabric materials, which gives you a variety of choices whenever you need some. You can also count on our competent salespersons to help you with your choices in case you are undecided. The rule of the thumb is that you go for a curtain that will bring life to your room.

We are here for you

Being the experts that we are, we have since got rid of the notion that rod pocket curtains are conservative and we have five different design options available for you to choose from. Within our collection are curtains with different colours and patterns as well as the more relaxed plain white and light options. From our five designs, you will be able to choose which ones are good for your living room, bedroom and children's bedroom. All our curtains are made of high quality material to be able to carry you through for a very long time without fading. Call us today or visit any of our outlets across the nation and let's help you spice up your home at a great price.



Read some of the comments from our clients

Karla M. Winther
Terra Nova Garden Services

I have finally been able to transform my daughter's bedroom into the princess' bedroom like she wanted, thanks to the amazing rod pocket curtains I got from you. Thanks a lot and anybody reading this should not miss out.

David M. Skov

My dining room looks magnificent in the ruffled curtains I bought from you guys. I just need to go for 3 more pairs of different colours and I will never ask for more. If you have a home then you need to discover this secret.

Sandra M. Krogh
Network Air

What would I have done without these amazing people? After months of trial and error, I am glad that I finally got the curtains that my living room deserves. Thank you so much for transforming my living room!